I love to read, as well as travel.  Actually, I love to read whenI travel most of all.  Not only is it the most relaxing way to pass an arduous bus or plane ride, but it’s a great excuse to learn something about the culture I’m visiting.

I don’t always do this.  But I like to and I’m trying to make it a more constant part of my travel experience.  I find it most relevant with regards to the places I call home for a while.  Literary works by authors of that particular country give you unparalleled insight into the culture, dynamics, traditions, and values of a new place.  Additionally, in my experience they enhance my overall connection, feeling, and sense of belonging to a new place.

As we travel and live and work and thrive and fail in new environments, I will post some reviews/recommendations of the books I read that seem relevant to a country.  Or topic.  Since my work (or planned work) is in the development sector, I will share some of the books I read that seem the most compelling in this field as well.

I will break the reviews down by country and/or development so you can easily locate them if you’re headed somewhere – but don’t feel the need to wait to read them!  It’s always a good time for a new perspective 🙂

I won’t review ALL of the books I read here, just the relevant-to-travel ones.  I do link to my Goodreads bookshelf (you can see it next to each blog post, on the right) in case you happen to be interested in what I’ve read and what I think about books that are not referenced in this section.  Full disclosure:  I do not review the many awful/wonderful historical romances that I devour on a regular basis.  It’s my vice, one I am not ashamed of (!) but one I don’t promote outright, either 😉

*I was inspired in part by this blog that recounts one woman’s travel around the world and the books she read from and about each country.  The blog is no longer updated but she lists the books she read (with reviews) and all of the ones that readers suggested she might want to read.  Some of those suggestions will lead me to the books I choose.

**I am suggesting some books for places that I have travelled to previous to starting this blog.  So while you may not find information on the countries themselves here, you can trust that I have been to those places and can speak with some knowledge of them.  


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