Inspiration comes in many forms

Inspiration comes in many forms

Inspiration comes along in many forms. Sometimes it’s a skype date with someone important, a post on facebook, a random card from a friend, or under the guise of innocuous couchsurfers. Yes, couchsurfers.

I’ve been in a slump. For the first time in my life (well maybe the second or third time or something) I was feeling like maybe I can’t have it all, do it all, see it all, and live the life of my dreams. This is an uncomfortable feeling for me, as you may well imagine. I am nothing if not doggedly determined to do exactly what I want for my life despite the naysayers, the obstacles, and the dips. Being in Korea was meant to be a stepping stone, and while it can and still might be that, it is feeling more like a detour that spits us out nearly at the beginning of the road. Or something. I’m not good at metaphors. I think you catch my drift.

Enter our couchsurfers, Samantha and Eric. Newly married and five months into a THREE YEAR around the world excursion. Yes. And they are doing it all WITH student debt (I hope they don’t mind that I share that!) and WITHOUT having to work along the way (though they might, if the opportunity presents itself – to top up the coffers, so to speak). How amazing is that? They are doing it on a budget but by no means are they dirty, deprived backpackers. They stay in hotels AND hostels (we are their first couchsurf!). They spend about a month in each country so they have enough time to get a real feel for each place. They spent about a year and a half arranging and preparing and saving (while simultaneously planning their wedding!) and meticulously covering all of their bases. And now they’re on the road and making their dreams a reality. I’m blown away by them!

And I realized…they’re doing it. They are doing it and so can we. Maybe we will do it differently (we are already abroad trying to do the savings, etc instead of doing that first) but that can still work. We will do it our own way, but we will make it happen. It seems so simple but I was feeling so low, and just bogged down.

So what am I going to do about it? Well, I’m applying for two jobs this week! I was sticking it out in Korea awaiting a payout that will be unnecessary if I can get a paid position in my field. The whole point was to fund a few months interning or volunteering. But I, for the life of me, cannot understand why I had given up on finding a PAID role instead. It may not happen. But then, it MIGHT. And since when can’t I have whatever I want?! I stopped going after things and allowed everyone to tell me you have to work for free first. But who says that’s the way MY career will pan out? I stopped believing in myself and stopped gaining momentum and got terribly, terribly sad. And it’s no wonder!

I am so excited about getting back on track. I was afraid to tell everyone about the jobs because I figured I wouldn’t get them anyways. I mean, does that even sound like me!? Gah! Silly. I have been trying so hard to be grateful for being in Korea and so very guilty for not really feeling it. But enough of that. I am entitled to whatever feelings my own choices make me feel! I don’t owe anyone anything. I just need to be true to myself (and to Jon). Applying for these jobs, whether I get them or not, has been the most “me” thing I have done in months. Maybe that sounds crazy, but it’s true. I love change, I love adventure, and I do not like sitting like a duck in an unhappy situation. Onward and upward!

SO. One job is in Cusco, Peru – a city I love love love and said that I could live in years ago when I was there. I am basically qualified for the role except that they want my Spanish to be at fluent. And it is not. I am going to try anyways. You never know who will or will not apply to compete with me! Maybe someone with a level of Spanish and an interest in an intensive course upon arrival might just be enough for them. The other role is in Nicaragua and I am very qualified for that role. Like, really qualified. I think I have a real shot at it. It’s a totally bad-ass, hands-on, get dirty, build schools and work with communities, kind of job. Both would be so rad and so amazing for both my life and my career.

And where does Jon factor in to this? Well, we have agreed that moving forward our best bet is to ensure one of us has a paying gig that can support us both, and not to worry too much about which of us that is. The other person will sort it out (not alone, of course, just in conjunction with). We won’t take any jobs that would absolutely hinder the other from finding work in their profession, but it is not entirely realistic to look for two jobs in different careers with similar start dates and in the exact same location.

Stay tuned on the jobs (send good thoughts my way!) and check out Sam and Eric’s awesome site if you’re so inclined. She’s the writer and he’s the software brains. They both take and edit the beautiful photos. Killer team.

I’m back, baby! 😀



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  1. Hey Cynthia…. somehow I missed this blog….. wonderful….. your dreams have started and they WILL continue…… promise!

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