Another year gone…

Another year gone…

Where did the last three weeks go!?  It feels like they were a blur and now we’re solidly in the new year and I’m just catching my breath.  Not to mention the last year.  As a quick recap (really more for myself than anything), this year I graduated university, worked as a server, worked retail (ahem), worked for two different non-profits, went to San Fran with my bestie, met the love of my life, started dating the love of my life ;-), got engaged to said love, sold and donated most of my belongings, and moved to South Korea with my pug and aforementioned love – oh, and even snuck in a quick jaunt to Japan.  It’s been quite the ride!

Buuuut back to the present.  Things have been as up and down as ever on my end.  Nearly every day at my job presents some struggle and miscommunication or plain misculturation (that’s not a word – I’m making it up) and leaves me feeling, frankly, a little exhausted and kinda cranky.  It was to be expected and I’m not too down in the dumps about it – but damn!  This working in another country was hard back when I was doing mindless jobs.  Now that I’m doing it and at a real job to boot, it’s downright HARD.  Ya, I couldn’t think of a more apt word for the above ‘hard’ other than ‘hard’, only caps.  Look , it’s the end of the day.  I’m tired. Lay off, k? 😉  Aside from that type of stuff though, I am getting the hang of the day-to-day teaching stuff and feeling less overall pressure to perform.  It’s just becoming normal to hang with kids (to a point).  Thank goodness!

On the way UP side is the fact that Dad was here for the last 2.5 weeks!  Sure was nice coming home to my TWO favorite men and a pug for a while!  We celebrated Harding’s birthday while Dad was here – with Indian food, cotton candy on the beach, and brownie cake! – and we celebrated Christmas – I got spoiled, of course! – and we celebrated New Years too – we got drunk and partied like it was 2012 fer realz….us oldies managed to keep the party happening until 4am!  Impressed!?!






We also went on a few sightseeing adventures.  We took the cable car at Geumgang Park and meandered at the top enjoying nature for a while.




Another day we did a walk up to Seokbulsa Temple and were very pleasantly surprised to go in behind and discover these incredible stone carvings that must have been 50 feet tall.  They blew us all away and we were happier than ever that we’d snagged a ride up the icy hill from those random Koreans who offered it.  Even if the walk back down said icy hill was a touch treacherous, it was well worth it in the end.



Another day we went and wrangled the masses (and a 2.5 hour commute) to get to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, a gorgeous, huge temple that sits up on a rock cliff and that is easily the most visited temple in Busan.  There was a giant, gold Buddha, a bridge off which you could throw coins and make wishes, and really pretty views of water crashing over the rocks.  It’s awesomeness was only slightly outweighed by the line of people to get in…and out…and the 30 minute wait in the cold for the bus and the following hour on said bus while it did not move and we were all cramped in like sardines.  But like I said, only slightly outweighed 😉  Also, the pug came along and that makes pretty much everything in life a lot better.












Harding’s bestie (he’ll kill me for writing that word to refer to them), Ray, was here for almost a week too and the two of them just left to traipse around South Korea for a few days.  This working girl could sadly not join them 😦  How’s them apples, eh!?  From packed full to empty house in less than a day!  But it was nice to see another familiar face and worked out that Harding doesn’t start his new job for a few more days so he could spend a little extra time with Ray.  (Yes, Harding has a new job, part time, and he starts next week!  He’s keeping his ear to the ground for another one or two part-timers and then he’ll be good to go).

Guess it will just be me and the puggy for the weekend!  We’re planning to do our nails and catch up on a little Gilmore Girls watching… 😀  I raise my bottle of vino to you all, wish you a happy new year, and send hugs your way! xo


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