Yeong-do & Nampo-dong

Yeong-do & Nampo-dong

Or, affectionately, our new home and hood.  So I got a job, as I mentioned.  And I’ve signed the contract and all, so barring all the horror-story type stuff that can still easily go wrong, we are moving at the end of the month to our permanent home for the next year.  It’s on Yeong-do, a small island connected to the mainland by bridges (it’s barely off the mainland, like a one minute bridge drive, tops) and…get this…it has TWO bedrooms!  And a separate living room!  And a BATHTUB!  For the peeps who know, you know this is big.  For those of you who don’t…just trust me on this.  This apartment is huge by Korean standards.  Which is to say it’s almost the size of our apartment back home…but with some of that space allotted to a whole other room ;-D  Even more exciting?  We’re minutes from the open sea…you can sseeeeeeeeeaaaa it from our laundry room!  Right there!  And minutes from plenty of hiking too.  All in all, we are getting exactly what we wanted from a location when we picked Busan in the first place.  It’s coming together 🙂


The school I will be working for is a hagwon, or an after-school school.  I will be working 2-9ish which sucks a little, but I’m taking over for an American (who has been an amazing help, btw) and she’s told me it’s about the best job out there when you consider the crap other people are putting up with.  I’ll be teaching elementary and middle school kids and I only teach about 3-6 classes any given day, which is waaaaayyy less than most English-teaching gigs.  Suffice to say, I scored.  Plus, it’s in the area called Nampo (right across the bridge from our home on the island) and Nampo is arguably one of the coolest areas in Busan.  True story!  It has a Western shopping district surrounded by tons of alleyways/streets with food vendors, shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, Korean shopping, etc.  Everything.  And as it was described to me, it’s one of the only places in Busan where a visible tattoo might not meet with extreme staring (you know, above and beyond the regular staring).  I love it there.  I can get my fix of culture and comfort all in the same area.  And apparently I get the added luxury of being able to leave the school between classes when I have a break!  Yes!  That is truly a luxury here so I am stoked on having that extra little bit of awesome to look forward to each day.

Jon has two very promising interviews nearby on Monday so I suspect he will be offered both and then choose.  If so, his starting date will line up nicely with mine.  Fingers crossed!  We are still trying to get all of our documents together…if we can get them together in time and find a pug sitter, we might take off to Beijing or Tokyo for a few days to a week.  We will see!

So I’ve put a few pictures on here of Taejongdae Park, which is about a five minute cab ride from our new apartment, right on the island.  It’s a leisurely walk up a hill and back down, but apparently there are some pretty great hiking trails that we’ll have to explore over the next year.  The whole little island is like this.  Very peaceful and significantly quieter than the mainland.  We’re just so very stoked.  It will make things like grocery shopping a little more difficult and less leisurely, but we will also have a full size fridge 😀 so stocking up won’t be difficult either.




What else…?  Oh, yes, well I now have enough evidence to say that my body gets sick after almost exactly 5 weeks in a new country.  It happened in Chile, it’s happening right now (I’m on day 5 of sick, boo) and if my memory serves it happened in Aus all those years ago too.  So that’s my immune system’s limit!  Five measly weeks.  Pathetic.


That’s it for now.  Annyeong!


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