A tower, an escape plan, and a pug in a pack

A tower, an escape plan, and a pug in a pack

Well it’s been a strange week.  Let’s start with the tower, because that’s the easy part.  We went to Yongdusan Park, home of Busan Tower and an overall “love” theme (random, I know).  All of these hearts and love locks everywhere!  The story behind the love locks is actually similar to something I saw on a fountain in Uruguay way back when, and it goes a little something like this: you buy a lock with your love, write an inscription on it (often your initials), then lock it to the fence in this case.  The idea is that the lock will stay forever, as will your love.  Sadly, we forgot that the tower was a love haven and we forgot to get a lock 😛  On the to-do list for another day!




We did get some great views of Busan from the tower though and I really enjoyed these strange, layered trees.




Escape plan, you say?  Why yes, yes.  Ok, that’s a touch dramatic but it’s me, so indulge me.  We did flee the home of the American and the dog Jake, though.  It was becoming too much for us – the expectation seemed to be that we not only walked the dog but babysat his bad behaviour between walks.  We got death stares and passive aggression when we opted to, you know, go out between duties.  And the fact that we wanted a schedule ahead of time, instead of waking up and seeing what jobs and walks would be bestowed upon us, was apparently a deal breaker.  So we did as any confrontation-avoiding cowards would do – we midday ran.  Less romantic than a midnight run, yes, but hey, we had to do two loads on the train!  We’re not proud of ourselves but we just couldn’t deal.  Anyways, we only left a few days earlier than planned – we were going to be leaving Thursday or Friday anyways so we just decided the next few days were manageable in a hotel.

Which is where we are now!  And because most hotels won’t allow Daisy and we didn’t have time to dilly dally around with all our stuff when running away, we just picked a place and snuck Dais in.  Which also means….we sneak her in and out twice or three times a day for her walks.  Lol.  It’s ridiculous.  We put her in my little backpack because it’s way less obvious than her carrier and way more comfy to actually wander around with.  But she hates it.  Poor thing!  Who could blame her?  Look at this pic:


Miserable.  And we have to zip her all the way in when we go in and out so they don’t see her, of course.  She takes it like a champ though.  No whining or whimpering.  Fights the going in but then sulks quietly until we get her outside.  We feel so bad…mostly cuz we laugh hysterically every single time.  Going to give the pug a complex!
So that’s our drama-filled week.  In good news, we have an apartment and we have finally been out to interviews!  So things are really progressing.  I’ll leave all that for the next post though, so I can give you full details and pictures too 🙂


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