That bed looks suspiciously like a foamy…

That bed looks suspiciously like a foamy…

Ahhhh, Korea.  Home of the teeny tiny, extremely hard and/or flat, “bed”.  “Bed” is in quotes, my friends, because that picture you see here, right here, right next to these words, of Jon holding what appears to be a blanket – yes that, THAT, is our new “bed”.  Fortunately said “bed” only cost us $70 AND is in fact a step up from the other “beds” we’ve had in the last two weeks.  Can you believe this!?  I have a theory: the Korean government does not allow good (real) beds to be sold to encourage people to sleep less and work more.  We’ve all heard the stories of the Koreans who sleep at their desks for days on end.  Am I right!?  I don’t think I’m wrong.  Suffice to say that we are hoping at some point we can use our new “bed” to go on top of what will be our newer “bed” so that together they form an almost bed (minus the quotes).  Catch my drift?

On to other things 🙂  Last night Kat (our roomie/the lovely woman who took us vagabonds in, in exchange for a couple of dog walks a day – for those of you who aren’t caught up) took us out on the town.  We live in one of the main university districts so it’s actually a really cool area.  First we went to Paco Taco and met Woo – he’s rad.  And those burritos were daaaaaammmnnneeeed good.  Harding and I agree – best meal since we got here.  Did I mention the PEACH margaritas!?  Mmmhhmmm.  Then it was on to The Basement, which would be a pretty cool place if/when it’s busy, but last night was not our night.  So on to Soul Trane, a pretty awesome little downstairs club (come to think of it, they were all downstairs…) that Kat says often has live music.  It’s a cozy little place, the DJ played a pretty solid mix of stuff, and they have Orange Cass!  We’ll go back there for sure.

Cass is the beer here.  It’s what peeps drink.  Fortunately for me, they have Lemon and Orange varieties!  Damned tasty.

We also went on a hike the other day!  The mountains are, quite literally, our backyard in this little slice of Busan heaven.  It’s not 5 minutes from our doorstep till we’re on our way up a forested, green mountain.  Heck, the whole university campus is a forest, so it’s not much of a stretch.  Pretty neat, I gotta say, when I was expecting a whole lotta concrete jungle.  It’s going to be even neater (neater?) as the leaves start to change colours.



What else?  Oh yes….waffles!  Waffles, waffles everywhere!  Koreans love them some waffles.  There’s the expensive cafe style variety (think a prettier version of an Ihop waffle or something) and then there’s the street variety, which is where shit gets real.  See picture of a waffle, each, filled with FIVE scoops of ice cream, all different flavours, then finished with a dash of coulis and chocolate sauce.  Know how much those bad boys cost us!?  A DOLLAR. EACH.  Probably the best thing that’s happened to me since arriving!  There are other ones you can get, also for a dollar-ish, where they smear one side with an apple jelly and the other with a thick whipping cream of sorts, then smoosh it together.  Seriously.  So good.


The other best thing here?  Coffee vending machines.  Every train stop/station has ’em and they go for 30-40 cents.  Hot or cold.  Black or with cream and sugar.  I mean, COME ON.  That’s worth a pretty good chunk of happiness right there!


All in all, we’re back on the up and up in terms of feeling the good and looking for the positive and getting into the vibe of Korea.  Stay tuned for more of the mood swings that are culture shock 🙂 xo


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