Straight up (now tell me, do you really want…er…no wait)


I’m gonna give it to you straight.  We feel a bit like we’ve been on a roller coaster since we got here.  There’s some good and bad to every day.  And by bad, I mostly mean frustration.  Nothing particularly negative is happening.  Just a little of this and a little of that.  Conclusion?  Korea will be fun for a while…but it’s not a place either of us envision loving, when we get right down to it.  The older Koreans seem pretty affronted by our presence, doubly so when we’re out with Daisy.  I had an old man somewhat push me and Daisy around just cuz he didn’t like the cut of our jib, so to speak.  But whatcha gonna do?  Trying not to let that stuff ruffle us too much.  I’m trying to keep my perspective by remembering how lucky I am to have grown up in a country where I am not a minority, and thus am not used to being treated shittily.  I know not everyone can say that.

That being said, we’re here to work!  And make money!  And while there have been some minor setbacks on that front, we are still getting a lot of positive feedback from recruiters.  Right now we’re jumping through some hoops in terms of paperwork  – Do we need one copy of that or three?  Notarized duplicate or original?  Four photos or two? – but once we get this sorted I expect it will become smooth sailing.

Jake and Daisy are really settling into the new roomie situation, and Jake is getting used to heeding commands from Jon and I.  Plus, we’re having a great time getting to know our new human roomie and she’s been great about giving us the low down and helping us locate things.  We’re all hoping to go for a big hike later this week.  Would be good for all five of us!

Grocery shopping has certainly improved things too.  We’re still sussing out the less expensive stuff because things like fruit are pretty pricey (I paid $8 for 4 (albeit, giant) apples!) but it’s progress and we’re not relying on bad pizza and bad donuts to get us through these days 😉  Eggs are cheap!  And rice, though brown is a bit more but well worth it.  So we can eat things that will fill us up and not cost a fortune.  All hope is not lost!

The shopping is exhausting with the language barrier...but at least there are options!

The shopping is exhausting with the language barrier…but at least there are options!

The plan today and tomorrow is to get our paperwork in order, and continue with the job hunting.  Then, to go out and explore!  At this rate it might be another month before we have actual work, but then it will be full on, so we’re excited to go check out some of the hiking, the Buddhist temples, amusement parks and other parks.

More to come soon….hopefully with more upbeat stories and pics! 🙂


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