A dog named Jake


Good news!  We found a place to live!  For at least a while…trial basis.  Met an awesome woman, Kat, with an awesome dog, Jake.  She needs help walking giant Jake (an Alaskan Malamute, one year old) a few times a day and we need a place to live for the time being, so we struck a deal.  Awfully generous of her, no!?  We’re super pumped.  Jake is a big sweetheart and him and Dais did pretty darned well on their first “date”.  We move in today.  Such a relief!  And while we are jobless, especially, Jake is a welcome addition to our daily routine.  We’re hoping to help him learn to run alongside us…motivation to get our butts out the door and exercising!  Stay tuned on more details and pics of the wonderful Jake 🙂

What else?  I feel it worth mentioning that doorways are short here.  We duck!  A lot!  Stairwells too.  I hadn’t mentioned that yet but it’s becoming normal for me to duck so it seemed worth note.

Hmmm…Daisy’s been to the beach a few times.  We know how she loves that.  In her element, really.  I think she gets from her mama 😉  But she does scare some of the Koreans when she runs up to them.  I feel bad about that, but it’s also pretty darned funny to watch.


That’s it for now.  Quick update!


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