Busan, etc.

Busan, etc.

We arrived in Busan!  The high speed train (KTX) was awesome, comfy, and complete with coffee carts.  Getting a taxi once we arrived proved a small challenge with our excessive amounts of baggage and lack of hotel room (we couldn’t book ahead because they all say they don’t allow pets, but we read that many will allow pets once you’re there, but we didn’t want to risk losing our payment by having pre-booked and then being turned away so we didn’t book at all and just started showing up to some – phew) was additionally challenging, but a couple of hours, two taxis, and two hotels later, we were here!

Busan is nice.  That sounds humdrum…but it IS nice!  Ocean is awesome, mountains all around.  The area we are currently staying is the somewhat touristy and/or high-end area of Haeundae and it is WAY over-priced.  In every regard.  We gotta get out of here as soon as possible!


Checked out a couple of apartments today in the Suyeong area which is a pretty great area.  More “local” feeling, if that makes sense, and the apartments were only a 10-15 minute walk to both the beach and the mountains (in opposite directions).  Plus, the apartments are a two second walk to two of the train lines.  It’s the best of ALL worlds!  Potentially, anyways.  We are currently negotiating on a teeeeeny tiny apartment (270 sq. feet, tiny) and weighing our options.

We’re having a super hard time with the food.   It’s just not good.  Where is all the rice?!  Where are the veggies!?  It’s all these gross noodles in this awful broth with parts of animals that a person should maybe just not be eating?  What I’m trying to say is, in terms of vegetarian, there’s nothing.  And in terms of Jon, there is still nothing…appetizing at least.  Which is saying a lot for the guy who has eaten porcupine!  ARG.  We will persevere.  For tonight, however, it’s a dinner of ichiban style noodles from the 7-11, an asian pear, and some cookies 😉

Admittedly, the lack of good food has us feeling deflated. We are both eaters!  This is a problem!  So we are pursuing finding a place to live with a little more urgency so we can at least start cooking for ourselves.  Cooking will save us…at least till we figure out where to find the yumminess!  OH, and friends, there is nary a liquor store to be found!  Wine from the 7-11!  Beer from the 7-11!  Take it or leave it, cuz that’s your choices.  You can drink in the streets, but the Korean police are laughing at you while you try to find the booze to do so.  Sinister, sinister laughing… 😛

Oh ya, and I peed in my first ever squat toilet today.  Also of note, a book vending machine!

They see me rollin’…they hatin’…


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