Seoul City

Seoul City

Seoul is a much cooler city than I anticipated.  Not nearly so crazy busy as I was expecting, cleaner than most or all other cities I’ve visited, and not harried – no one rushes around all crazed!  I could live here, in a city of 12 million, so that’s saying something.  We’ve agreed that if for some reason we can’t find work in Busan or we get there and don’t love it as much as we expect to, we could easily come back to Seoul and live here.

Checked out an area of the city called Insa Dong and another called Myeong Dong.  Both are pretty touristy and largely shopping and food, though the first is older and the second is more modern.  What with having way too much luggage as is, our energy peetered out on those pretty quickly.  But we did stop in to check out the Presidential Palace (see pics) on the way to Myeong Dong and happened to catch a changing of the guard, which was pretty neat.



The park at the top of our street is awesome.  There was quite the parade of “walkers” this morning…everyone huffing up and down the rolling paths for a little exercise…and a few other dogs and their owners too.  We also just discovered, coming through the park a second time, a huge set of outdoor exercise equipment!  Much like the ones on the beach in Chile, only a ton more.  So that’s on the agenda for later (if it ever stops raining!).


Later…rained most of the day.  We got out and about to explore a bit more anyways.

We checked out our own little neighbourhood here, which boasts the Women’s University – ranked second best university in all of Korea – awesome.  But the jet lag also caught up with us.  Slept all evening and could happily go back to sleep.  Thus concludes this post 😉

Tomorrow – Busan!


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