Hello South Korea!


Who woulda thunk it?  In South Korea, jobless and homeless, with no real plan – other than get a job and a home!

First major impressions and observations of South Korea:

* Everything is clean.  That train was the cleanest train I have ever been on.  I could have comfortably enacted the 5 second rule had the need arisen.

* It’s only been a few hours in terms of interactions, but South Koreans really do seem as nice as people say.  I got a compliment for speaking in all English…and then finishing with a ‘thank you’ in Korean!  The taxi driver took the time to ask if we were going to make this area our new neighbourhood so he could point out the parks to take Daisy and where to catch a baseball game.  Nice people.  Stoked about this.

* If the beds in this guesthouse are anything to go by, Koreans really do sleep on little more than a glorified piece of wood.  I am going to leave Korea either with amazing posture or as a cripple…to be determined 😉

* Some things are gloriously inexpensive (our taxi ride), inexpensive to more expensive (food, bottles of water), and relatively expensive still (hotels, hostels, etc).  It’s interesting that it’s not consistent.  Makes it more easy on us in many ways, but also makes me long for the days of a $25 night’s sleep!

* Children walk around after dark and no one seems perturbed.  Which I think speaks a lot to the general safety and low occurrence of crime all around. Granted, it was not late when I observed this, but it was after dark.

Since before collapsing in a sleeping heap we were only up and in Korea for about 5 hours, there’s not much more to say!  It’s 4:30am now and I’m wide awake, though, so I thought I’d write my first little post.  Today we a) find better luggage  b) explore Seoul a bit and c) figure out what our next steps are (getting to Busan, staying in Busan, etc).  More to come! xo

(Oh, and I’ll actually take some pictures today!)


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  1. Yes, it’s very safe. Your mother and I walked down a dark alley in Seoul from our hotel to the bar/restaurant and it must have been close to midnight, no worries. If I recall the places to avoid are the areas around the American armed forces bases.

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